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Physical Appearance

Do you ever look at a photo of an old friend or an ex partner or someone else and think, wow I didn’t realise that person was so attractive or how did I think that person was attractive at all?

I was simply conducting research. I was intrigued as to something that I had noticed for many years but never really thought about. I knew I noticed it, but I never had any intention of thinking about it. Now I am thinking about it. So research, I thought that the answer would be, “that is crazy”. I didn’t think anyone else would really notice and then after a while I was surprised.

The idea…Physical appearance can change based on emotional interaction. Not how we view someone but they literally look more physically attractive. I am convinced I have felt this but I also think it is not possible based on logic and reason.

This means that someone can be more physically attractive or less physically attractive based on emotional interaction. I’m not talking about just being attractive but actual physical appearance. Literally what they look like. When you look at them with no contemplation or bias based on their personality.

I thought that either no one would have really thought about it or that they thought it was silly. Then, after I discussed it with a few people I realized that they were answering it in a certain way. They all fervently agreed that our minds can make someone more beautiful. I thought it would be silly because physical appearance doesn’t change based on emotional fluctuations. Right? The smile doesn’t get whiter or the nose cuter, it all stays the same. Nope, wrong.

The Five Minute Guide Physical Appearance

So how does it work? Why do we believe that someone is more physically attractive if we like their personality? Not attractive in the general sense but literally more physically attractive. Like when you look at them and see someone more beautiful than before you knew they were funny or smart. Not a better fitted dress or less make-up or a bikini on the beach. Actually better looking.

Maybe people didn’t understand my point, and, in a general sense they believed that someone can get more attractive or beautiful if they are a wonderful person. I think it is a blurred line as to whether we actually get more attractive or our minds are convincing our eyes based on more information we now have.

Our primal instincts tell us to spread the seed. They tell us to find a mate we can do this with. There is, of course, the first impression and the ‘love at first sight’ notion. Love at first sight is obviously a self-fulfilling notion but it is pertinent in this idea. If we see someone for the first time and are captivated or mesmerized that means we think they are physically ideal. I wonder if these people who have the honour and privilege of falling in love at first sight, notice a fluctuation in ones physical appearance. Not gaining an extra few pounds or losing a couple of kilos but the actual appearance. I cannot see how one can be prettier. I agree, completely that they may be a more beautiful person or that they love more about them and so on but their physical appearance has not changed.

The content of a photo cannot change but when you look at the photo at different stages of your relationship with a person, the person in the picture is not visually the same, why is that? I have not come up with a good reason, but I am working on it.

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