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Travel Young

“There is something effortless about our youth. An exuberance that cannot be quelled nor quantified. A perception so bereft of corruption that it radiates amid unrest.”


With that thought, a short piece to encapsulate the benefits of taking the opportunity to travel young.

What ifs.

Too often when faced with an opportunity or an opening we don’t take it for certain reasons, such as a Job, a degree or a significant other. The fact remains that usually they will all be waiting when we return. The benefits to be amassed by traveling will undoubtedly make us better at choosing a job, degree or partner. Don’t let what ifs stand in the way of the better version of yourself that you will come back as. You could miss out on a more important education that travel offers.


Culture, perspective and reality.

No one country or city is ever the same. Different places have profoundly different impacts on our own perspectives. It could be as little as a beggar on the street in a third world country or a museum in a modern metropolis. For me it was the concentration camps in Germany. The unfathomable thought that this happened in the last 80 years. The inescapable fact that the Nazis inhumanely terminated over 5 million Jews. It really hit home thinking it through. We think that 9/11 was the greatest tragedy in our lifetime where just fewer than 3,000 people were killed. I am sure many people have thousands of other moments of clarity that I had that morning at Sachsenhausen.

Personal Growth

You may not realize it or even see a difference but the experiences collected on your travels will mould the person you are to become. You take on new ownership of your decisions. When faced with precarious situations or speed humps along the way, invariably you have no choice but to embrace and absorb the moment. Don’t worry we all screw it up and learn from these hiccups and obstacles along the way.


Don’t underestimate the enjoyment of finding a hidden coffee shop to escape the snow and read a few chapters. The aimless wandering through local craft markets and sampling regional foods. Unexpected conversations with like minded travelers from another country, continent and background.

These moments and days cannot be replicated or quantified but will hold an intrinsic value that you will always carry.

You will learn compassion and embrace understanding.

Your problems will seem distant and you can be whoever you want to be.

No judgment and fresh starts with every sunrise.

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