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Self-identity is something that we can all struggle with. Even the most self-assured can have issues with how we see ourselves. We are constantly consumed with how others might perceive us. We give ourselves labels and standards to meet and ultimately judgments are made. Similarly, whether appropriate, fair and useful or not, others will give us labels that impact our self identity irrespective of how much we wish to control our own bubble.


An element of the self-identity process is how we perceive ourselves. This is purely an introspection concept. Do you sit back, ever, and evaluate your behaviour? Do you impulsively attribute certain conduct to the person you are?

“Be as you wish to seem.” – Socrates

I donate to charity, therefore I am a good person. I knowingly left the bar without texting my friend, therefore I suck. I gave up my seat on the train to an elderly person, therefore I am a good person. I ate the last snickers without even asking my roommate, therefore I suck. Does any of these even matter?


As Socrates aptly put it, try to be the best version of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you cannot live up to the standards of others. It shouldn’t matter if you don’t emulate the gold standard.

What to do when others seem to think they are better placed to label us? You have choices. Listen, consume and process. Use other people’s view to enhance your own. Listen, consume and dismiss. Certain people are nasty. Some people are inconsiderate and misinformed. Be a sieve, give the good stuff a chance and let the bullshit slip through the cracks.

Someone told me once, “We are human”.

They were right. They are right. We are not Martin Luther King. We are not Nelson Mandela. Be respectful and considerate. Sometimes you need to be the bigger person, save your bullets. Other occasions you can be the game changer.


Just know that we only get one shot at this game called life. Do not live and breathe every moment as if it defines us. Second chances and mistakes are real. Don’t pretend that we are perfect. Accept who you are and go about being the better version of yourself.

Self-identity huh. Outward projections are not merely as important as internally developed contentment. Be real but know that you can evolve and develop each day.


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