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Falling in Love

Have you ever woken up at 5am to check your phone hoping that someone in particular has sent you a message?

Anything from a smiley face to a “miss you” to a “hope you have a great sleep”.

You know that feeling you get as your eyes can barely stay open and you squint at your screen? Then that smile you get that could light up the pitch-black room? They only come from the certain few that completely and utterly capture our heart, mind and soul.

When you hear the door unlock and you know it has to be them. When you hear a short buzz coming from the phone and you see their name appear. When you catch each other’s eyes across the table and you grin. When you are in a crowded room and they are the only thing you can focus on.



Love is many different things to many people but there are a few things that it will always be. It is being open and honest about everything. Being able to share the worst things and the best things but most importantly all of the little things.

Who is that person who makes you desperate to text them and tell them about your best moments of the day but also the worst moments? Who is the person that understands when you need a hug or some space or to cry? Who is the person who can challenge you, who you can talk to about anything and not always agree but always understands?

If you find a person who you can say this about there is no need for jealously or envy because you are always connected. Even when you are upset, sad or disappointed with them, you can talk about it and find a better way to do things. You don’t want to check their phone or read their emails because there is nothing for you to see that they wouldn’t tell you if it was important.


If they don’t have this bond with you then they deserve someone else. As hard as that can be, as much as we might be falling in love with someone, it won’t be undeniably profound if you don’t both feel the same way. You can’t coerce them or fake what you feel deep down. You need to let them go and be happy when they find what they are looking for.

If you don’t have this bond with them then you deserve someone else. That inextricable connection is what makes everyday special, every text message seem like a Lord Byron poem and every morning waking up next to them seem like your wildest dreams coming true.

Falling in love is wanting to show off the person to all of your friends and family and proudly let them see what you see. The first thing you think about when someone invites you to dinner is whether or not they can come with you. Making them happy is not enough, you want them to succeed, to laugh and to love, just the way you are.


With trust, honesty and respect a relationship can be born.

With understanding and compromise a union can prosper.

Without those schoolgirl crush moments everyday, without that yearning each hour you are apart and without the tender moments of embrace before you share a bed, love cannot flourish.

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