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The Dilapidated Shelter

Just about everyone visits Facebook more than they visit their best friend. It is a home, a shelter, a place where we are safe, sneaky and satisfied…..until now.


These were my thoughts 12 months ago when I grabbed my knapsack, headband and pencil case and headed for the greener pastures of a little blue bird. In a brief moment of complete and logical contemplation, I realised that Facebook was not a place I needed to visit anymore. That epiphany served me well. Facebook-free, I explored the virtues of Snapchat, Instagram and even Whisper. Those are a story for another day.


So, 12 months on, I returned to the once palatable land of Facebook and now, once again, I am left with no good reason to stay, other than the fact that I will be further from my hometown for much of 2014 than I had anticipated. It remains a viable tool for keeping significant others up to date on recent goings on, if that is how it is used. Besides that, I feel nauseated by the drivel that is on there. It is worse than before.


I had no idea what imgur was until links popped up a dozen times in my first week back on Facey. I had no idea so many radio stations had little one liners that would get 19.2K likes. Where are 89.7 Bay FM and Star 104.5 FM? Go away!


After filtering through those posts, you have to rummage through the plethora of montages that Facebook has made for everyone. Short videos that document your life on Facebook in just over a minute. They are as poorly put together as you can imagine and if I need 4 photos from 2007-2010 in a slideshow, I am more than capable of doing that myself. The rapid spread reminds me of Kony 2012.


Finally, if you persist long enough you make it through the ‘forest of grim’, (what was once just known as ‘my newsfeed’), and you can see small nuggets of hope with people legitimately using Facebook for a useful purpose. Oh wait. Only to be interrupted by the people who post Instagram photos to Facebook. As counter-productive as it seems, to use one social media platform and then reuse the same content on the other or linking it, it is remarkably common. Instagram is for impromptu daily photos right? Facebook is for albums and vacay pics, right? Anyway, I give up on that one.

Luckily I do not have the time or stomach to revisit the groups that Facebook offers. I can only just handle the one off Valentine’s Day cringe worthy posts and the occasional dog photo. My interest or need for the rest that now inhabits the once enticing shelter, has been obliterated.


Don’t forget to change your surname on Facebook to your middle name… Adios

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