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Girls guide to a boys heart on Instagram

Being a girl on Instagram is a difficult pursuit. I am not envious of the struggles and ambivalence that the day-to-day Gramma’ must encounter. There is not only the usual upkeep required to ‘like’ all of your close friend’s photos but also to make those seemingly condescending yet remarkably frequent comments. If you are thinking, what the hell? Let me indulge…

“OMG babe you look stunning.”

“Wow! #perf”

So on and so forth.

In light of the difficulties, any advice and assistance would surely be welcomed, right? In any case, here is a shot at some helpful tips to melt a boys heart.

#1 Girls, post photos of yourself with a beer and a smile on a Sunday session. #boysbefroffin

The 5 Minute Guide Instagram Selfie

#2 If you want to show us your lunch that’s fine, just not 4 x a week.

#3 Girls, post sports photos ie Lebron during NBA Finals or Tom Brady during Superbowl for enhanced endearment from gentlemen.

#4 Girls, get in really early if you are posting pre summer photos like an open cut mango or Santorini pool view. Market gets flooded by December.

The 5 Minute Guide Instagram Mango

#5 A photo in front of the International Terminal is unnecessary. 90% of us have been on a plane.

#6 If you want max likes, post around 8pm Sunday night.

#7 If you snowboard go out of your way to get a snow bunny photo.

The 5 Minute Guide Instagram Snow Bunny

#8 Please limit revealing all of your problems in photos.  1:1:2 ratio problems:selfies:summer

#9 If you want to check-in, please check-in and save us from the photo of the menu and half a glass of Shiraz.

#10 If you always look so amazing in photos, when I see you in real life I’m disappointed.

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