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Student’s Guide to New York City

So usually it would be wise to limit 5 minute guides to things that are remotely possible of remaining within a 300 second guide. Alas, picking New York City is easily one of the most impossible tasks, nevertheless, limiting the scope to Students makes if far more achievable yet doesn’t mean that the rest of us cannot heed some of the self proclaimed fantastic advice.

The Metropolitan Museum – Nice one Einstein, giving out the second most renowned Museum in the known world behind the Louvre!

What some people may not know about the MET is that it is actually FREE. The admission fee is totally voluntary. The motto is “please pay what you wish”. As a student, simply mention you are void of copious amounts of money and you wish to pay a dollar bill as a token or simply waltz on in.


If you do not believe me you can see for yourself…

The High Line – A relatively new and modern boardwalk along an old elevated railway down the west side of lower Manhattan. Start at West 30th and stroll down towards the Chelsea Markets. It is less than 2km and certainly a great way to start your morning in the Big Apple. Oh yeah and it’s free of course.


Katz’s Deli – Established in 1888 and still undoubtedly a world favourite of mine. It has a rich history and thrives off its undeniable simplicity. Its docket paying system and old-school preparation is part of its allure. When in doubt, go for the Pastrami on Rye and thank me later. Perfect place to drop by on your way back from Wall street or that Liberty Statue thingy. Watch out for the line out the door though.


Shake Shack Madison Sq. Park – Usually I would not suggest fast food but this place is ‘aight’. Fresh burgers and smashing milkshakes in a park cannot really go poorly. Drop by for a feed on your day off from #cleaneating.


Frick Collection – Another world class museum with the venue to match. Located on the East side at an astounding property facing Central Park, this place is worth a look. On Sunday, pay what you wish from 11am – 1pm or drop in on one of their “free days”. By the way, walk directly through Central Park to see the hotel where a Beatle was shot (not a real one, that John Lennon dude) on the West side.


New York University – Up the north end of Manhattan you can visit the prestigious NYU campus. Feel free to roam the grounds and bring a packed lunch to consume on the manicured grass within the grounds. Bring a book and have a lazy afternoon or try your best to sneak into the NYU student’s only library. Oh, and swing by the bookstore to grab a souvenir t-shirt for your sister on your way home.


Bleecker Street – Cheap, fun and simple pleasures. The Greenwich Village area is a hot spot for suave nightclubs and dive bars that deliver. If you are unfamiliar with what I mean by dive bars go to Wicked Willy’s, Off the Wagon or Down the Hatch for outrageously cheap beer and beer pong tables ready and waiting. Sports will consume dozens of TVs every night of the week. Don’t be afraid to move around and soak up the atmosphere around the area or buy a kebab on the way home to soak up everything else.



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