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New Wave of Babe

Giselle was walking down the street to collect her double caramel latte when she bumped into Elle Macpherson. Elle waved and walked on by because she was on the phone with Jennifer Hawkins. Giselle nonchalantly continued on, only to be interrupted by a Claudia Schiffer text message asking her about the latest Cindy Crawford swimsuit calendar.

What does all this mean?

It means that the past Supermodel era is over, well as far as I am concerned and we have entered a new phase. Perfection is no longer sexy. Six foot three inch bombshells are just not real. They are brushed up and slapped onto glossy mags only to initiate self confidence issues in teens and for Tom Brady to take along to another Superbowl appearance.

We see the old firm too much and the more we do, the more we realize they are distantly unattainable and more importantly distorting our reality.

The NWB as they are now well known, in my head (New Wave of Babe), are the down to earth version of Tyra Banks and Miranda Kerr.

Simple yet sophisticated women like Kate Mara.

The 5 Minute Guide New Wave Kate Mara

Flawed beauties like Lake Bell.

The 5 Minute Guide New Wave Lake Bell

and eclectic charmers like Emily Blunt.

The 5 Minute Guide New Wave Emily Blunt

Given we see everything without even seeing it nowadays. Yes, I am referring to digital media that is transplanted directly into our brain whilst we sleep and we wake up needing a Pepsi. Well, that may not exactly happen, but advertising has become more critical than meritocracy in most western countries. The flawless angels that usually partake in various Victoria Secret shows are no longer a clear numero uno. Perhaps, they may be 1a and 1b and so on, but for now I think the real, raw and believable stars that calmly impress with a refreshing complexity are the pinnacle.

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