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Waking up early

Let me preface this by saying that I was one of the worlds best at sleeping in. I was a student until 23 and made the most of the flexible hours to cash in on as much shut eye as student-ly possible. Even when I was working through that period I would do my darndest to get every minute I could in the sleep bank.

Here is one anecdote to prove my devotion to doing the opposite of waking up early.

I worked two blocks from my house and I was doing ye old 9-5 one day a week for a while. Anyway, I would wake up at 8.45am and be early to work. (mull over that for a second)

8.45am – Shut of alarm and zombie my way to the shower.

8.46am – Shower running and toothpaste barely makes it onto brush bristles.

8.46am – Stumble into shower (naked) and brush away.

8.49am – Exit shower and begin drying process.

8.50am – Begin dressing in slacks, shoes, shirt and sweater.

8.51am – Finish tying my shoelaces and head to kitchen to chuck on some toast.

8.54am – Toast is buttered and heading for side door.

8.55am – Collect skateboard and walk to front gate.

8.56am – Cross the road and start my descent down the hill on my Tom Penny for two blocks.

8.58am – Start to slow down as I approach crossing to get to work.

8.59am – Kick up skateboard and walk in the door with 45 seconds to spare.

I know, I know… you are thinking, why wouldn’t I just get up a few minutes earlier and not rush. It is solid advice, thanks.

So, now, to getting up early. Here is how I changed my routine and it works well enough for me.

Identify why you do not get up early.

Answer – You think things through in bed and at 7am when your alarm goes off, sleeping some more is a better option. This will always be the case. There is never a time when in a warm bed that more sleep is not a better option than getting up.

The 5 Minute Guide Alarm Clock

Solution – Do not give yourself the option. I put my phone on a shelf next to my door about 6 steps from my bed. I need to exit my incubator to shut it off. Once I am at the door I think, I am this far, I may as well keep going and I head to the bathroom down the hall. Once I have washed my hands I have been up for 90 seconds and it is too late to go back to bed.

Let’s break it down.

1. Put your alarm well away from your bed so you cannot evaluate your options at a time of weakness.

2. Once you are up and out, get as far away from your bed as you can for the first minute or two.

3. Don’t try and go from 11am to 5am, you have to slowly break down the times by 15 or 30 minutes each day until you are happy and comfortable.

4. Reward yourself for getting up early. I have a cup of tea and read or watch a missed tv episode if I have time. If you like cooking, make a scrumptious breakfast or go for a walk.

5. Make sure you have a day a week to sleep in. We are not robots, we all enjoy the simple pleasures like a sleep in from time to time too. I usually will on a Sunday.

6. You have to want to do this. There is no point dragging yourself out of bed if you have no desire to do it.

7. You will find you have extra time to get many more things done and you are never worried about being late in the mornings like I was. Imagine if my skateboard wasn’t around, Id be so late all the time.

Give it a go and Godspeed.


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